Monday, December 22, 2008

Hello Hello

This picture doesn't do my tree justice. If I had a more powerful flash I'm sure it would've. But that's what I get for using a point and shoot. Merry Christmas to all. Were off to Calgary tonight (I hope) if our flight takes off. So far it has been delayed an hour, which isn't bad considering how many flights have been cancelled out of our airport. I have few more things to pack for Aaron. A few bottles (not that he will drink out of any of them) and some food should he need to eat.

In other news my ribs still hurt a lot. When I lay certain ways or pick Aaron up it hurts. I think I aggravated it when I carried him on my hip for an extended period of time and when I shoveled the stairs. Stupid, stupid stupid. Aaron is fighting a cold or is teething. Poor little guy is so congested I wish I could do something for him other than use a vaporizer and taking him into the steaming bathroom. Despite being a little whiny Aaron is pretty happy for the most part. I'm sure it isn't anything some extra fluids ans sleep won't fix. He sure is vocal. He keeps saying "Da da, da, da..." over and over but I don't think he has made the association with Daddy. Now we can work on Ma Ma... Well I must be off and finish the last little minute details of packing. Merry Christmas and all!

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