Saturday, September 13, 2008

Love Thy Neighbour

Or not... Ever since Eric and I moved into our current place we have had noise issues with our neighbors. We live in a duplex with paper thin walls with young couple with a 1 year baby next door; an extremely loud and inconsiderate couple.

When I first met them when we were looking at the place my first though was that she seemed a little rough around the edges but at the time her kid was 2 months old and a new baby can make anyone who is sleep deprived a little rough around the edges. We moved in one week before Christmas (a crappy time to move which I don't recommend to anyone) and being that they were on Christmas leave we could here a lot of extra bass from their TV. We let it go then were gone for 2 months on vacation which was pure bliss. Then they came home in the last few weeks of my pregnancy when I was not getting very much sleep.

My issue is with the female we'll call her Sarah. She can't weigh more than 130 lbs tops but walks around and bangs doors like she is 6'5" and 225 lbs. I have asked many times to keep it down at night and it never seems to last long. Throughout the summer things seemed to have gotten better her and I even went out for a drink last Friday night I was giving her a chance all I want is to get along possibly make a friend, but it all came to halt 24 hours later.

Our neighbors were partying and being loud last Saturday night along with their dogs. The have an older dog and just got puppy and ever since they got their puppy their older dog barks like there is no tomorrow as this puppy pisses him of constantly. Well their dog woke up Aaron and Eric lost it and went over to them and told them to "Shut their f***ing dog up." Needless to say that ended any chance of a budding friendship. I was pissed at him but it was 8 months of frustration that spewed out in one statement. I get his frustration. He apologized the next day but the damage was done. On Wednesday morning at around 4am all I could here was banging and slamming of doors. On the other side of my house in our room which doesn’t share a wall with them. (I have to sleep with a fan all the time for white noise as Sarah is so frickin loud!) Anyway so I go over open my front door and their front door is open and I asked her to keep it down as I hadn't gotten any sleep (this goes with having a baby) and she said "Neither have I" in a tone that implied if she couldn’t' sleep that neither should anyone else. She was cleaning up after the puppy that happened to be on the front lawn, hence the door being open. All I said was I ask nicer than Eric and went inside. The next day I went to the housing agency to complain which they told me to put in writing so I sent an email when I got home., I don't know if the agency has followed up or not but our neighbors will not look at us nor will their friends across the street. Not that I care much. I think I have right to be able to sleep in my house at night if my baby is asleep as he likes to get up a lot. From now on I will complain when their loud in the middle of the night. I am fed up we have asked to move units but so far we have been shot down. (We’re renting military housing as it is a lot cheaper than renting at market value.)

I have been a bad blogger and will hopefully be more diligent with my posts.


Not an hour or so after I wrote this nad went to bed, the yahoos next door were thumping and banging around as per usaul at 11:30pm so of coure I go over there and ask them to keep it down and the first thing the husband asks is "What time is it?"Like I am infringing on his rights or whatever. After this his puppy proceeds to run into my house which I have to capture and bring back to another neighbour at their door as he just walked away.WTF did we do to them? Were going to ask them today (put much nicer of course) and we shall see what the response is.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where am I?

Currently I am sitting in a HoJo hotel after a blissful night of sleep! That's right this mama to one has managed a whole nights sleep! With the aide of a sleeping pill, but I don't think it would've made a difference. I sleep so well at hotels. My dad was kind enough to stay at my place and look after Aaron for the night. Eric stopped by for a bit, but went home to be there just in case and for my piece of mind. I went to bed at 11pm, woke up once for an hour to pump with a crappy electric pump (I've got to find my hand pump) and slept till 10am! Now I am contemplating a dip in the pool.... What to do?