Thursday, March 27, 2008

37th Week in Review

I am 38 weeks today and still pregnant. I am setting myself up to go to my due date and beyond so if I do I am not disappointed. At my check up yesterday I was told that I am not dilated, but my cervix has thinned out some. This is good but not what I had hoped for. The baby hasn't engaged or dropped. My midwife suggested that I walk up and down hills and stairs. So I have been hitting hills around our neighbourhood and our stairs. I really hope this does the trick. My 37th week was interesting to say the least. I celebrated Easter and my birthday. My fiancé and I went over to see my family and friends and of all the presents I got I must say the cat gave me the best presents. Not only did she give me one, but 2 presents!

When Eric and I got home and were unpacking we were in the nursery and he noticed a funny smell. I looked in the crib which the cat decided to make her litter box while we were away for 2 days. My first thought was this cat has some insight to be jealous of a baby that isn't even here yet, but it didn't seem right given she has never made her business outside of her litter box before. So when we looked at the closet where we keep her box, we realized that the door was closed so she didn't have access to her box. So this mess was essentially our fault. I didn't punish her or anything but I felt really mad at myself for neglecting to check this. I made sure that she had plenty of food and water but didn't check to make sure she had access to her box. I felt and still feel horrible as I am sure she was pretty upset. I don't know what made her choose the crib, but at least she kept it to one place. Eric and I also learned a life lesson that you need a waterproof mattress pad when you have a baby which we didn't have until after this incident. (And he said we wouldn’t need one) Needless to say all the bedding, mattress and crib got a cleaning I never thought it would see until the baby arrived.

Friday, March 21, 2008

37 weeks, 20 days to go...

I haven't felt like blogging much. (Not that I have (m)any readers I am sure given the newness of this blog.) I in the final stretch of my pregnancy and I don't feel like doing anything at all. I am the epitome of lazy. Many things cross my mind in which to blog about, but I never get around to writing about them. For a little while (2 days) I didn't have heartburn. I was hoping it was over, but not it came back the second I realized something was different.

I had my 37 week check-up with my midwife and my cervix is still closed for business, so I don't think I will be having my baby in the next week.

What I have managed to do is go to a few mommy/baby events at a local coffee shop so I am getting a chance to meet other moms. However, I don't seem to share the same views as them as they tend to be the holistic type. A bunch of them are telling me to not have anti-biotics during labor (I need them as I tested positive for Group B Strep [GBS] in my 19th week of pregnancy, and it's a preventative measure for baby) which as much as I don't want to take them, the health of my baby the most important thing. I politely keep my views to myself, but do not like being told what/who/how to have my labor. I want to be as natural as possible and do this drug free if I can but I am going into labor with an open mind and plan on having a hospital birth. One mom in particular is going on about Antibiotic use and VRE outbreaks in hospitals. While I respect that opinion I don't want my child getting a meningitis or some other GBS related illness.

This is quite the choppy post as I have been researching these topics while writing... I'm going to go get my day started. Something should hopefully pop here later.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A little intro to Me

I have moved over here from wordpress as I find Blogger to be more user- friendly and I want to maintain an anonymous blog where I can write/vent about my life. Here is a little about me:

I am in my mid 20's and my fiancé Eric and I are expecting our 1st child in about a month. He is in the navy and so I guess I can be classified as a "navy wife" however; I do not like the stigma attached to that. I have always worked and like to think I am able support myself and be a contributing member to our household; until my employer laid me off when I was 6 months pregnant. (Which I am still bitter about, and I may write about it sometime.) I originally started blogging as way to express my views and to occupy my time as I moved in with Eric a year ago and I was/still am 3 hours away from any family or friends and didn’t know any body and year later I still don’t really know many people. As the one good friend I had moved, and when I want to socialize I generally make the trek to my hometown; which doesn’t really help my case. 3 hours isn't all that far but throw in an Island and I feel trapped at times given that between the hours of 9pm-7am there is know way off this island unless I want to fly which is costly and not a viable option.

This isn’t intended as a mommy blog; I have more to write about than that. But given that I am about to have my 1st baby you’ll be hearing a lot about that. I hope I can entertain any readers that I stumble across this and my wry attempt at humor.