Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Klutz In Me

I am am indeed a klutz. Yesterday I proved yet again how klutzy I am when I fell down the stairs while carrying Aaron in his car seat. He's fine and was strapped in I however have some bruised ribs which will take 3-4 weeks to heal. When I fell, I fell on top of his car seat handle which would account for the bruised ribs. He cried a bit as he was scared but was fine. We decided to start using the side door door instead od the front door as to not track dirt and crap into the living room as it has been snowing around here and the first time I attempt to carry the baby out I go and hurt myself. I dont' know why I fell I didn't trip on anything I must have lost my footing and/or been carrying too much as Eric seems to think I had Aaron in his car seat, a diaper bag and my purse, or I was too tired or too rushed as I had to be across town to baby sit my friends son.

I am now begining to regret the 30 lb Graco Safe Seat, he is only 20 lbs and no where near being out of it, Not only is a it a bitch to carry, but I can hardly manage to get him in it with his snow suit on. The temperature has been below 0 celius which is rare around here. It's been about -8 C with the wind chill which is nothing. It's just getting us prepared for the -20 to -30's which we will be experiencing when we go to Calgary for Christmas.

Well I must be off. Aaron and I are heading out the a Le Lache Legue meeting and I don't want to be rushed and will be using the front door as I managed to knock the side door out of the door jam and it has issues closing. (I blame this on our land lady's shady handyman who left fresh cracks when he grouted the bathroom tile not 6 weeks ago.)

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