Monday, July 28, 2008


I am a very bad blogger! I have so many posts going on in my head when I am lying down to sleep at night that never get written. Maybe I should start sleeping with the laptop. My excuse is currently sleeping in my bed, My son Aaron. I just seem to bed tired all.the.time. For awhile he would sleep 6 hours for the first leg of the night, then it was between 4-6 hours, sometimes now its 3 hours. Eric wants to start Aaron on solids already, I am not for this. He read somewhere that if a baby is 15 lbs and 4 months old they can be started on rice pablum. My son is on the cusp of being 15 lbs and will be 4 months on August 1st. I, am fine waiting until he is 6 months old, but the fiancé is pressing the issue, he thinks Aaron will sleep better. I am breast feeding him and supplementing him with formula before bed which makes him sleep longer. At the moment his sleep schedule is all messed up, which admittedly is my fault. I took him over to my dad's for a few days and kept him up later. In my defense, I have a lot of socializing to get in when I am there to even out the loneliness here. Which Is why I initially started to blog when I moved here a year and half ago.

Well the boy is up from his nap which means my little post is doen for now.