Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On my Mind

How was Your Christmas? - Mine was okay. We flew up to Calgary to the in-laws. I am thankful that we even got to our destination seeing how much snow there was here on the Wet Coast. Am I ever thankful that I live in Victoria and not Vancouver. Almost nothing was getting out of Vancouver. Here is a word of advice to anyone flying within Canada. Do NOT ever fly with Air Canada! They suck and cancelled almost all of their flights and they will almost always lose your luggage. I am EVER glad we flew West Jet if they fly there I will ALWAYS fly West Jet. We got in at about 1:30am as opposed to 10:20pm but we go in. Aaron was good the whole flight and all the waiting we did in the airport prior to boarding, but he lost it when we landed and were stuck on the tar mack waiting for a gate. He ended up screaming himself to sleep in Eric's lap while I sang to him and rubbed his face.

My Christmas was okay it just didn't feel like Christmas. It was a great first Christmas for Aaron my dad flew up as well and both his Grandpa's and Grandma were there, but it seemed to be more focused on the gifts and not family or the Birth of Christ. I am done travelling for Christmas for the next few years unless it's to Vancouver. Another part of it is that my MIL drives me nuts and I swear to god she hates me. I want to like her, but she is either hot or cold but I will post about her another day. It was good in that I got to see my best friend who is living in Calgary and I go to reconnect with an old high school friend who is living there that I didn't know of. Thank-you Facebook! So all in all my Christmas was good, it just didn't FEEL like Christmas.

Now it is New Years Eve and I have straightened my hair, shaved, a cute outfit to wear and a place to go with Aaron where we can spend the night and I can have a few drinks and my stomach is doing crazy things! And I'm not sure if venturing out of the house is the wisest idea. I'm not sure if I have a flu bug or if it's my damn IBS. Eric had a 24 flu bug the other night but I thought Aaron and I were safe as we have both had out flu shots. It feels like IBS I haven't had an issue with it for a long time. Before I was pregnant I think. And I break all the rules and eat and drink things I am not suppose to. I drink alcohol, coffee and carbonated beverages (not that often.) I eat red meats, raw fruit and veggies, dairy and whatever else your not suppose to eat when you have IBS.

Well I'm pumping myself full of Imodium and hoping that it works so I can enjoy tonights festivities. If not, I'll be staying in. Which is a far cry from my New Years Eve 10 years ago. At this time I was well on my way to be drunk with my friends and did not have a clue what the night held in store for me. Which to date is still my funnest New Years yet. Well I am going to go. Happy New Years to you all and my 2009 be your year!

PS - I have a new blog, this one was random one I came up with when I was preggers and this one has more flava.

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