Friday, March 21, 2008

37 weeks, 20 days to go...

I haven't felt like blogging much. (Not that I have (m)any readers I am sure given the newness of this blog.) I in the final stretch of my pregnancy and I don't feel like doing anything at all. I am the epitome of lazy. Many things cross my mind in which to blog about, but I never get around to writing about them. For a little while (2 days) I didn't have heartburn. I was hoping it was over, but not it came back the second I realized something was different.

I had my 37 week check-up with my midwife and my cervix is still closed for business, so I don't think I will be having my baby in the next week.

What I have managed to do is go to a few mommy/baby events at a local coffee shop so I am getting a chance to meet other moms. However, I don't seem to share the same views as them as they tend to be the holistic type. A bunch of them are telling me to not have anti-biotics during labor (I need them as I tested positive for Group B Strep [GBS] in my 19th week of pregnancy, and it's a preventative measure for baby) which as much as I don't want to take them, the health of my baby the most important thing. I politely keep my views to myself, but do not like being told what/who/how to have my labor. I want to be as natural as possible and do this drug free if I can but I am going into labor with an open mind and plan on having a hospital birth. One mom in particular is going on about Antibiotic use and VRE outbreaks in hospitals. While I respect that opinion I don't want my child getting a meningitis or some other GBS related illness.

This is quite the choppy post as I have been researching these topics while writing... I'm going to go get my day started. Something should hopefully pop here later.

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