Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Meme

This was taken from Ginger’s blog.

It’s a week late, but better late than never considering I hardly ever post. It’s a fun way for any readers (if I even have any) to get to know me. I am not going to tag anyone as I don’t really delurk often enough to get to know my fellow readers.

The “rules” of the game are as follows:

1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Write 6 random things about yourself.
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post.

1) I am half Canadian and half American. My mother is American and moved to Canada when she was 18 and has been here ever since. I wish I could’ve lived the ideal American dream, which to me is the Friday night football games and everything that centers on that phenomenon. I grew up within an hour of the American border and cross border trips were a big part of me growing up. I remember one day while driving between Sumas WA and Bellingham WA out in the middle of nothing but farms coming across a high school with a football stadium in the middle of nowhere. I was awestruck and wondered why we didn’t have this back home. (Yes I am true to my country and I like hockey.) I just always wanted to go to high school in the states and have my life center around that way of life. (I wouldn’t/couldn’t be cheer leader if my life depended on it as my body doesn’t bend that way)

2) I love country music. Tim McGraw is my favorite country artist and I’ve seen him two times in concert. Once in Vancouver and once in at The Gorge in Washington state. My love of country music came to be from sneaking into the local country bar when I was 18 as it was easy to get in if you paid off the bouncer. (The legal drinking age in BC is 19.) When I would be working I would tune into the local country station as it reminded me of my favorite bar.

3) I have wanted to have baby since I can remember. I have one and I get Post Partum Depression. WTF?

4) Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy I found a new love when I discovered that show. However, lately either I’ve changed or the writng sucks as I am getting sick of the whole Meredith/Derek on again off again crap. I think when ABC decided to write out Isaiah Washington off of the show it was a huge mistake. I wasn’t a huge fan of him and I indeed do think he made the remarks that he made BUT he did apologize tried to make amends; which counts for something in my book.

5) I fell in love at the tender age 12. With Tom Cruise that is. From the 1st time I saw Top Gun on a late night movie special, I never looked back. He had me at “Talk to me Goose.” My pre-pubescent crush grew into a celebrity crush which had now changed to a lack of respect for him. I now think he is a bit of as loon and with the whole post partum/Brook Shields thing and having it I definitely do not view him the same. But his smile and dimples still get me. Every.single.time.

6) When I eat a meal I will eat one food before moving onto the next. If my meal consists of potatoes, a meat and a vegetable I will usually eat them one at a time. My brother and sister do this too. It must be a weird gene that runs in our family.

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